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Double D Tack Shop offers you the greatest selection of Tack in Northwestern Ontario. We have quality products with the safety of your horses in mind.



Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot, excellent for:

  • All-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse
  • Comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity
  • Rehabilitation from injuries
  • Protection during trailering and breeding

Simple to put on and remove, built in drainage, shaped for the natural hoof, absorbs shock

Genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible. Mould-in back flap for bulk protection and abrasion resistance. Durable construction and waterproof tread. Unique Outsole is an all-terrain tread that minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris. The tread pattern supports the hoof wall. Provides maximum protection.

SIMPLE to measure, SIMPLE to fit, SIMPLE and FAST to put on and remove. SIMPLE Hoof Boots provide comfort for your horse, whether it's simply for a ride on terrain to which his hooves are unaccustomed . . . or protection over gravel or rocks . . . or added security on slippery pavement.
SIMPLE Boot . . . the Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot. These boots are made for walking, trotting, jogging, jumping and just having a great time!


The Kensington Protective Fly Sheet
The Kensington Protective Sheet offers maximum protection from biting insects, cuts, and rubs; blocks up to 78% of UV. The 1000 x 2000 denier US made TEXTILENE Mesh is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear, even in the most severe weather conditions. Lined shoulders keep the sensitive horse's shoulders free from rubs. Includes elastic leg straps.

Tough 1 Deluxe Contour Fly ScrimContour Fly scrim
Lightweight poly/nylon mesh allows natural air circulation over the horse while keeping annoying flies and insects away. Complete with double buckle front, belly wrap with “quick grip” closure, adjustable leg straps, gussets for freedom of movement, fleece wither protection, and tail flap

deluxe Fly scrimTough 1 Deluxe Contour Fly Scrim with Neck Cover
Lightweight poly/nylon mesh allows natural air circulation over the horse while keeping annoying flies and insects away. Complete with neck cover, double buckle front, belly wrap with “quick grip” closure, adjustable leg straps, gussets for freedom of movement, fleece wither protection, and tail flap.

Mesh Fly Sheet - Cross Surcingles
Buckle front, shoulder gusset, cross surcingles and leg straps. Durable double weave mesh gives great UV protection.


Polar Fleece Dress Sheet
Soft plush 260gm polar fleece, with double buckle front, cross surcingles and elastic leg straps. Perfect as a cooler or blanket liner. Machine washable. Available in Black or Navy.

Wool Fitted Cooler
Wool Cooler beautiful 100‰ wool dress sheet. Double surcingle. Trimmed and piped. Solid Black

SoftfleeceTough 1 Softfleece Blanket Liner/Sheet in Prints
100% Softfleece with adjustable buckle front, fleece wither protection, adjustable surcingle belly and tail string. Softfleece is warm as wool without the added fabric. Great for added warmth under a blanket or used alone as a cooler.

Fun PrintsTough1 Contour Horse Cooler in Fun Prints
Soft fleece wicks moisture in half the time of other fabrics and is warm as wool without the added bulk. Contoured fit around neck with three "quick grip" closures, halter crown loop, and tail loop. Luxuriously soft and richly coloured for an attractive look at special events. Great for awards. Machine washable.


Bit Blanket
Simply wrap the Bit Blanket around your bit and let the warming begin. Plugs into any outlet.

Takes about 20 minutes to warm and cost only pennies a month.

Warms rubber or metal bits to a safe comfortable temperature. Encourages bit acceptance Prevents numbness, soft tissue damage & stuck tongues

Bittens are tough and versatile bit warmers. Can be used as a bit warmer, hand warmer, body warmer or bit protector.
Uses 2 disposable heat packs. No electricity needed.
Easy to use – insert 2 heat packs, wrap around bit and in 20 minutes it is ready.
"Reverse fold" into a hand warmer or attach to lanyard for a body warmer for you on the rest of your ride.

Bit warmers

Designed by Ted Blocker
Blocker TieAfter seeing horses panic and get hurt when tied solid, horse trainer Ted Blocker developed the knotless tie ring. This is a simple two-ring and tongue design, similar to that of a belt buckle. The Blocker Tie Ring is made in both chrome plated and stainless steel. The Blocker Tie Ring is a quicker, simpler and safer alternative way to tie your horse.
The Blocker Tie Ring is secure and gives the horse the illusion of being tied, even though the horse isn't actually tied. The rope is just looped around the blocker Ring tongue. If the horse spooks its natural instinct is to run and pull on the rope. When the horse pulls hard enough The Blocker Tie Ring slowly feeds the lead rope to a panicking horse and then rewards the horse with a release of pressure the moment he stops pulling back. This prevents the horse from rearing and falling backwards.
The Blocker Tie has several tying options from as little as a few pounds or as much as a few hundred pounds.
The Blocker Tie Ring works great anywhere you tie your horse! The Blocker Tie Ring can be used in cross ties, single ties, groom and tack areas, wash racks, picket lines, outside and inside of horse trailers.
The Blocker Tie Ring comes complete with instructions. It is easy to install and remove. Please keep in mind that the the Blocker Tie Ring is best used with an extra long lead rope.
Make sure the area that you have tied your horse is free from clutter. Check the footing and make sure the ground is not slick. Should your horse pull back, he might slip on a slick surface, like concrete. Use of a rubber mat will help keep your horse's footing.
Keep in mind not leaving your horse unattended while tied. The Blocker Tie Ring will allow the lead to slip through, completely freeing your horse should it pull back!

Natural Horsemanship is the philosophy of working with horses by appealing to their (herd) instincts. The ultimate goal is a calmer, happier and more willing partner in the horse. The horse learns to work with people in a partnership using the ‘firm but fair’ natural instincts of horses, and is a gentle approach of training.

Halter 1
Natural Horsemanship Halter
The key to natural horsemanship training
Burwash Brand side pull riding halter; 4-knot version, using a firm lay cord
Weaver Stacy Westfall Halter
Noseband stays wide open for sliding it over the horse's nose
We also carry a line of Rope
Halters and Leads made from poly rope

Thunder Bay Feeds and Double D Tack Shop carry a selection of Rope Halters that work together with the idea of Natural Horsemanship. When used correctly a Rope Halter is an effective training aid. Strategically placed knots on the Rope Halter cause pressure that gets the horse’s attention, causing the horse to yield and appropriately respond to the pressure. A Rope Halter can be used on any horse to gain his attention, disengage the hindquarters, back up, flex, bend at the poll, step underneath in the hind, move the shoulders around, and to move laterally.
The relatively thin rope of the Rope Halter is humane in that it will not cut the horse and follows the tenants of Natural Horsemanship.

Check out our selection of Rope Halters while browsing at our store on Townline Road.

Training Rope Leads
We carry a selection of working lines in different lengths in 1/2" cord with leather poper on the end.
The Training Rope Leads at Thunder Bay Feeds and Double D Tack Shop have a great feel in the hands.


The 15’ length training rope is perfect for light lunging, sending horses over obstacles and trailer loading.
The 24’ length training rope is recommended when working horses for extended lunging, introducing new spooky obstacles, or necessary when working horses that you need to keep at a distance because of the horse striking, kicking, etc.
They are also recommended when the horse does not understand giving in to pressure and is trying to escape. The added length keeps you safe while the high quality rope resists tangling. This length is also needed for extensive canter/lope work and ground driving.

Stacy Westfall’s Activity Balls
Stacy Westfall Ball

You can incorporate this activity ball into your training sessions as a training aid. The balls desensitize your horse and reduce spooking or overreacting to new things. These balls come in three sizes. Pictured is the blue medium ball, for average-sized horses and riders.

Comes with a pump.

26" purple ball: $34.95
33" Blue ball: $47.95
41" Red ball: $74.95

If you are unfamiliar with the basic "dos and don'ts" of rope halters or training rope leads, or desensitizing your horse, ask a professional trainer or experienced horse person to help you.

Other Natural Horsemanship products
No more knotting and unknotting: get a Stacy Westfall Halter Hook. You may also want Slobber Straps for your reins or a professional training stick with string. Or just enjoy a good book on Horsemanship.

Horse BookHorse Book

Turle bag and bridleFUN PRINT HORSEWEAR

Just because you can! Dressing up your horse can be so enjoyable and a real conversation starter. Be the first one at the stable or at your farm to have your horse sporting these unique prints from Double D Tack Shop.

Prints available from Tough1 come in Rainbow Peace, Leopard, Giraffe and Turtle. Zebra is also available in several colours - white, raspberry, aqua and neon. Your horse can be decked out from head to tail or you can purchase just one item!

Tough1 makes blankets and saddle pads; reins and halters; headstalls and hoods; tail bags, leg wraps and bell boots and so much more –all available in Fun Prints! Even hay bags, accessory bags, saddle bags and water bottle covers are available in Fun Prints, and will complete the whole outfit!

Zebra blanket Turtle blanket
Saddle pad in animal print Halter in animal print


We carry Summer and Winter Whinnys. Summer Whinnys are the ultimate fly protection for your horse's legs. They allow free motion of the fetlock joint, wick moisture from the legs and keep legs cool. The antimicrobial properties provide you with the safest, cleanest environment and most effective fly protection you can put on your horses legs. Perfect for those horses which may be allergic to some fly sprays or for those who just don't want to use chemicals on their horses. Available in sizes from miniature to warmblood.

Winter Winnys can help your horse stay warm in our cold climate!


Instead of gulping down big mouthfuls of hay, the horses have to work for their hay, more like grazing. This is a much healthtier for their digestion and keeps them occupied for a much longer time. Perfect for stall bound horses, travelling and trailering. Comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

Are you wondering what size blanket your horse needs or how Horse Proof such a blanket is? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about horse tack.


Winter has arrived, now is the time to pick up a cozy blanket for your horse. We have a good selection of stable or turnout blankets to choose. Questions you must think about when purchasing are:

TYPE - Stable blankets are typically for inside and are not waterproof. Usually the blanket is more contoured in design. - Turnout blankets are waterproof and more durable. They “drape” for better coverage protection from the elements.

FIT – The blanket needs to fit. Too Loose or Too Tight will cause problems such as rubbing, chaffing or will fall off.

WEIGHT – The higher the fill number the warmer the blanket.

DEINER – The strength is determined by the thread thickness. The higher the denier number the stronger the material strength.

Winter blanketTo use or not use a winter blanket: that has been a dilemma for many of us horse people in our cold climate. Not all horses need one and horses that show signs of being cold, might only need them during certain very cold days and nights. The mini shown on the left only needs her blanket when the temperature hits -20 Celsius or lower, on very windy cold days and on days with heavy wet snow, especially when it is followed by a drop in temperature. Make sure to measure your horse before buying a blanket so it will be long enough but will be nice and snug. If possible, make sure to only put a blanket on when the coat underneath is nice and dry and take the blanket off frequently to check for signs of rain rot, scuffing or other problems. A fluffy coat will help to insulate your horse, so taking the blanket off on warmer days is a really good way of keeping the coat underneath in good condition.

Our Featured Blankets:
Tough 1® 1200D or 2100D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket.
Ideal for our climate ~ keeps the horse dry and warm.


We carry a large selection of English, Western and Dressage saddle pads in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

These come as simple as quilted cotton all the way to memory foam in a western pad by Weaver Leather Products.
English Pads Western pads

HaltersIf you need a new halter, leather or nylon, drop in and see the selection we have. We carry brand names such as Weaver and Hamilton as well as others in many sizes from suckling to draft horse. We even have some for miniature horses and llamas. Then pick out a lead in co-ordinating colours.


We carry a good size range of English bridles in a variety of styles, black or brown, warmblood, full size or cob.

We maintain a large inventory of western headstalls in a variety of styles including one ear, two ear, futurity and v brow as well as the regular browband style.

We stock a selection of colors from light oil to dark oil and black, in sizes ranging from miniature to draft horse.

Need a new saddle? Check out the selection that we have in stock or browse through our catalogs and we would be happy to order the saddle of your choice.
Show saddleEnglish Saddle

Frequently Asked Questions - Horse Tack

How do I know what size blanket my horse needs?
You should measure from the middle of the chest parallel to the ground, around the widest part of the hindquarters to the edge of the tail.. This will give you the blanket size in inches.
How "Horse Proof" is a blanket?
No blanket can be made 100% Horse Proof. The horse's surroundings , size and behaviour will determine the wear and tear on blankets. Some blankets are made to be worn in doors only. Some fabrics are tougher than others but fabric, buckles and straps can break, which is sometimes desirable if a horse gets caught on a protruding object.

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