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red Cardinal Feeding the birds can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable hobbies. Feeding in both the summer and winter can add beautiful colours and amazing sounds to your yard. There are four things that birds require; food, water, shelter and nesting sites.



Thunder Bay Feeds carries a full line of BIRD SEED and FEEDERS for all types of birds.

Sunflower Seeds - Black 18 kg seeds
                         - Striped 18 kg
Sunflower Chips 50 lb
Flax 50 lb
Nyger Seeds 50 lb, 8 kg, 4 kg, 2 kg
Peanuts Inshell 50 lb
Peanuts Shell-less 50 lb, 10 kg, 2 kg
Wildbird Seed 18 kg, 8 kg, 3.6 kg
Hummingbird Nectar 8 oz

Hoppers & Platforms best for mixed flocks or the larger ground feeding birds Flock of birds
Mesh Feeders & Feeding Socks allows birds such as finches to use their natural feeding habits & postures Mesh feeder and Feeding socks image
Tube Feeders allow perching birds such as sparrows & chickadees to rest while feeding Tube feeder
Suet Feeders little cages birds such as woodpeckers & nuthatches climb in these to pick at the suet Suet feeder
Nectar Feeders most have red coloured containers to attract the hummingbirds, so no red dye needed nectar feeder
Peanut Feeders good for the larger birds Peanuts do not freeze so they are great as a winter treat peanut feeder
Any Seed Feeder should have correct port size for the seeds (sunflower seeds, nyger) so they do not fall through or get stuck


bird bath deicer Birds like all animals need water to survive. In the summer, a bird bath or a fountain are great source for them. Heated birdbaths are ideal for Canadian winters. Thunder Bay Feeds has deicers that will fit in your birdbath or a heated pet bowl will work also.

Deicer for birdbaths 250W or 500W
Heated Pet Bowls 1qt or 5qt

Birds have no problems melting snow & ice to drink but fresh liquid water will attract them to your yard. Moving water can be heard for miles by the birds. It is very important to clean water sources regularly to prevent contamination and mildew growth.

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Birds must feel safe and protected for predators and cats. Shelter is the trees and shrubs in your yard. If you have the room, you can make a brush pile to help them hide when needed.

Nesting Sites can be the trees but you can also hang birdhouses. You can leave out materials that the birds would use to make a nest such as; pieces of string or wool, cotton fluff, or pile of grass clippings or small pieces of branches.

Be patient and enjoy!

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Bird Feeding Tips
  • Pick a feeder for the type of birds you would like to see or have around: tube feeders are better for the little birds, bigger surfaces will allow bigger birds to land.
  • Keep the feeder well stocked so the birds won't start looking for feed elsewhere and leave.
  • Monitor and replace or replenish as needed; this will avoid waste and keep feed fresh. Avoid wet or mouldy feed.
  • Clean feeders with hot soapy water and rinse well to prevent mould or mildew.
  • If possible, have fresh clean water available - even in the winter.

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