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We know that the health of your horse is important to you. Caring for your animal is something that you think about each and every day, whether your horse is in your backyard or at a stable.

Double D Tack has over 150 health and care items in stock to help your horse look and feel great, and for when your horse is on the mend.

We also have an assortment of brushes, combs and picks available.

Check out the items listed below. Please let us know what products work really well for you, we would like to hear your story.



Biotic 8Biotic 8 - to change the bacteria flora in the large intestine and also promote good digestion and intestinal health. Eight different types of good bacteria ensure a balanced approach to changing the bacterial flora and help prevent the growth of the bad bacteria whose waste may cause chronic health problems.
500g and1kg

Equine Choice- is an all Natural Quality Probiotics which improves feed intake, treats digestive upset, maintains and balances levels of digestive bacteria NATURALLY, use Equine Choice during any stress times
105 g, 2 kg, 5 kg

Pureform MSM - A naturally occurring component of body tissues and fluids, supplementation is used to reduce and relieve allergic and inflammatory conditions, muscle spasms, as well as degenerative conditions
300 g, 1 kg, 5 kg

Pureform Glucosamine - is the primary building block of many joint tissues which maintain joint integrity for the treatment and prevention of injury and arthritic conditions
300g, 1 kg, 5 kg

Pureform Glucosamine Plus - was designed specifically to repair and maintain the integrity of connective tissue structures increasing the rate absorption and decreasing the healing time
350g, 1.5 kg, 6 kg

Pureform E Concentrate - is an easy to use electrolyte replacement formula when you need a little extra electrolyte balancing during training and hot summer days
2 kg

SeaBlend - One Tablespoon A Day - is needed to provide superior health benefits, which become noticeable within 60 days of adding SeaBlend to the daily diet. Strengthens immune system, enhances disposition and improves overall general health – coat, skin, hooves.

McIntosh Electro-Blend- is an electrolyte powder will replace essential nutrients lost through sweat and heavy work
2 lbs

Jump Start McIntosh Jump Start- is a premium quality bovine colostrum with essential nutrients for foals.
30 ml

McIntosh MSM- is a nutritional supplement that provides biologically-active sulfur; a key component of connective tissue in animals and humans.

McIntosh Gain- is an energy and protein supplement for all classes of horses
10 lbs

McIntosh Freedom- is specially developed formula to aid and prevent the symptom know as Tying Up
4 lbs

McIntosh Airways 101 - a blended combination of herbs found to assist the respiratory tract and may reduce or eliminate heaves or wheezing, stable cough and common allergies
1.8 kg

McIntosh Compose
Calms without deadening. Improves Performance. All Natural - No Drugs
16oz and 250ml

Purina Equi-Min - is a highly palatable supplement enriched with vitamins and minerals for horses 6 months and older
8 kg

CocoSoya - a blend of unrefined soybean and coconut oil containing Lecithin and Vitamin E. Recommended for weight gain, energy and shining the coat
1 gallon

Ration Plus For Horses - was designed to establish and maintain a healthy digestive environment for the growth and activity of the beneficial digestive micro-organisms
480 ml

Nu-Image Nu Hoof is designed to promote healthy, strong hooves and contains optimal levels of key nutrients including biotin and lysine
.9 kg

Life Data Farrier Formula Double Strength - an alfalfa based pelleted nutritional supplement formulated for horses to promote healthy dermal tissues including hoof growth

McAuleys Rice Bran Oil - feed supplement and conditioner for all horses, high in antioxidants

B Solution - is a source of B12 and also contains Boswelia, Yucca and Devils Claw

Finish Line Ultra Fire - multi vitamin, mineral feed supplement which builds blood counts, aids nervous horses, stimulates appetite and improves coat appearance
4.25 kg

Finish Line Iron Power - apple flavoured high iron, high B-Complex liquid vitamin supplement containing biotin

Finish Line Fluid Action HA - liquid joint therapy with Glucosamine, Vitamin C, MSM, and Yucca

Finish Line Apple Eh - electrolytes - all natural, apple flavored source of vitamins and trace mineral
2.27 kg

Buckley's Zev - for the treatment of coughs, heaves and bronchial irritations. Zev is also an excellent conditioner which creates better appetites
2L and 4L

Hawthorne Wind Aid - effective treatment for bronchial congestion, minor throat irritation and wind problems
946 ml & 1 oz syringe


IvermectinAVL – (ivermectin) broad spectrum wormer controls bots, internal nematodes, large and small strongyles, pinworms, threadworms and large mouth stomach worms.

Panomec -(ivermectin) broad spectrum dewormer for parasite protection in horses of all ages. Kills 57 species and stages of parasites

Safeguard -(fenbendazole) for treatment of large and small strongyles and pinworms

Quest -(moxidectin) kills encysted small strongyles and controls large strongyles, bots and round, pine, hair and stomach worms

Quest+ -(moxidectin/praziquantel) for treatment and control of large and small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, stomach bots and tapeworms

Exodus -(pyratel pamoate) palatable apple flavored dewormer for effective elimination of large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms and even tapeworms(with a double dose)

Strongid P -(pyratel pamoate) caramel flavored dewormer for effective elimination of large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms and even tapeworms(with a double dose)

Eqvalan Gold -(ivermectin praziquantel) controls 70 species and stages of parasites including tapeworms



Pony XP Pyranha Insect Spray- a ready to use water based citronella scented formula that gives long lasting protection. Can be wiped or sprayed to kill or repel flies(stable, horse, deer, house, bot), ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, lice, chiggers and fleas.
1L and 4L

Absorbine Ultrashield - water based residual insecticide and repellent repels flies, mosquitoes and gnats, pleasantly scented with citronella. Also contains sunscreens, coat conditioners including aloe and lanolin
950 ml spray, 950 ml refill, 3.8L refill, towelettes(pkg of 10)

Farnam Wipe - repels horse flies, house flies, stable flies, deer flies, gnats and mosquitoes
473 ml, 946 ml

Farnam Swat Ointment - fly repellent ointment for wounds and sores
170 g

Farnam Roll On - for use around nose, eyes, ears, mouth and around wounds, repels and kills horse flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies
59 ml

Farnam Bronco - popular water based, ready to use pyrethrin and permethrin formula with citronella scent
946 ml spray, 3.78L refill

Farnam Repel-X - concentrate diluted 1:7 provides protection from house flies, horn flies, gnats, mosquitoes, diluted 1:4 kills ticks, horseflies, deer flies, and stable flies
946 ml


Keratex Hoof HardenerKeratex – strengthens weak, worn and cracked hooves. Equally effective in wet and dry conditions. Will ensure the treated hoof is able to breathe naturally. Apply to sole of hoof.

Keratex Frog Disinfectant – addresses smelly or black frogs. Contains tea tree oil – a powerful & specific disinfectant which protects against Thrush.

Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant – will strengthen the horn around old nails holes to prevent splitting in this vulnerable area.

Keratex Hoof Filler – unique wax crayons that conceal tiny, unproblematic but unsightly cracks or imperfections.

Keratex Hoof Moisturizer – restores the correct moisture levels in the inside of the hoof to encourage new hoof growth.

Keratex Hoof Repair Kit – complete kit to replace or repair missing hoof horn or to fill troublesome cracks.

Keratex Hoof Shield – “the horse’s nail polish” – a toughening crystal clear varnish that beautifies hooves and dries in seconds.

Hoof Restore Hoof Restore
McIntosh Products ‘Pro Line Hoof Restore’ will promote proper growth and a healthy hoof.

Absorbine Hooflex - regular use will keep the frog, sole, heel and coronary band flexible and healthy, prevents cracking due to dryness and seals out excess moisture which causes soft hooves Paste
2 types paste 400g, 800g and liquid 450ml

Cut Heal Hoof Heal - super penetrating conditioner, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help prevent infection, aids in preventing and eliminating thrush
908 ml

Mane & Tail Hoofmaker - a protein based cream that grows and strengthens hooves. Absorbed into the coronary band and frog
907 g pump

Farnam Hoofsaver - deep moisturizing hoof treatment containing no pinetar
946 ml pump

Healthy HairCare Hoof Moisture - clean, non-staining formula works with nature to balance the flow of moisture necessary for a strong healthy hoof. Used for conditioning and gives a glossy finish for show use.
946 ml

Farnam Rainmaker - triple action hoof moisturizer - attracts moisture to the hoof, absorbs and retains moisture
946 ml

Healing Tree T-Hoof - deep penetrating, contains jojoba oil, treats dry, cracked hooves, frogs and soles
16 oz

Life Data Hoof Disinfectant - a safe and effective topical disinfectant proven to kill bacteria and fungi that cause hoof capsule problems. It is a tamed iodine solution that is delivered into the hoof capsule by a highly penetrating base of tea tree oil
237 ml

Life Data Farrier Formula Double Strength - an alfalfa based pelleted nutritional supplement formulated for horses to promote healthy dermal tissues including hoof growth
11 lbs

NuHoof Maximizer - provides 30 mg of Biotin to support optimal hoof growth and wall strength and provides other essential minerals important for hoof structure and hair coat
.91 kg

Life Data Right Step Hoof Conditioner - uses natural resins and plant extracts to preserve the correct moisture balance within the hoof capsule promoting a healthy, pliable hoof
8 oz

Mustad Thrush Buster - used once a week in wet environments or every second week in dry surroundings helps to prevent thrush
60 ml

Mustad Tuff Stuff - strengthens brittle, mushy or cracked hoof walls and helps guard against fungus and bacteria
222 ml

Forshners Hoof Packing - is packed into the hoof cavity to treat and prevent hardened frogs, contracted heels and hoof dryness
1.814 kg

Pine Tar - natural antiseptic properties help combat fungicidal and bacterial infections in the frog
475 ml



Fiske’s Hoof & Hide Balm – "one product treats all problems" such as; hoof, skin, wound & muscle care, insect repellant, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic. 100% Natural – treats mud fever, scald scratches, ringworm, mange, rainrot, itchy tail, sweet itch, dandruff and so much more.

Farnam Blue Lotion - a quick drying, deep penetrating dressing for all types of wounds
118 ml

Farnam Wonder Dust - dressing powder and blood coagulant for use on all types of wounds, helps prevent proud flesh

DVL Proud Flesh Dust - a counter irritant astringent and antiseptic powder for slow healing wounds with a tendency to create proud flesh
200 g

Furazone Dressing - used for local treatment and prevention of bacterial infections of wounds, burns, cracked heels
454 g

Hibitane Ointment - popular anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ointment for use in a variety of skin infections and wounds
30g & 150 g

Shapleys Original MTG - safe and easy to use product for a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems such as rain rot, scratches, girth itch, dry skin, tail/mane rubbing
178 ml & 946 ml

Healing Tree T-Zon Equine Dermal Care Cream - anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal anti-bacterial creme
113 g

Bickmore Gall Salve - multipurpose, topical antiseptic
142 g

Bag Balm - an antiseptic that helps soothe cuts, scratches, skin irritations and abrasions
10 oz

Fiebings Aloe Vera Cream - natural, soothing first aid protection for minor cuts, bruises and burns
236 g

Uptite Poultice - an effective preparation for temporary relief of heat, inflammation and soreness on the legs and feet
2 kg

DVL Kopper Kare - a fungicide, antiseptic astringent liquid used for the treatment of thrush, hoof punctures and cracked hooves on horses
475 ml

McIntosh 911 Emergency Crisis Care Paste -911 emergency designed for immediate treatment of the symptons of scours, gut ache, stress, heat exhaustion, dehydration. First aid during colic episode prior to professional diagnosis and treatment
80 ml

Betadine Solution - antiseptic solution for use on all cuts and scrapes

500 ml

Buckley's Shin Band - recommended for its antiseptic healing properties in the treatment and prevention of bucked shins and other leg ailments
250 ml

DVL Scarlet Oil - antiseptic liquid for use on superficial lacerations, cuts and burns
500 ml

DVL Iodine Spray 10% - aids in treatment and control of bacterial infections of superficial wounds, cuts and abrasions, naval stumps, dockings and castration wounds
500 ml

Kopper Kare - fungicide-antiseptic-astringent solution for use in the treatment of foot rot, thrush, hoof punctures, cracked and spongy hooves, ringworm and wounds
475 ml

Vetoquinol Aluspray Aerosol Bandage - insures that a bacterial barrier is maintained and allows the wound to breath. Can also be applied over ointments
210 ml

Animalintex Hoof Poultice Pad - ideal for cuts, wounds, abscesses, inflammation, skin disorders and hoof conditions

Animalintex Poultice Pad - use as a hot or cold wet poultice or a dry dressing or a dry pressure padding. Can be cut to the size needed
8" x 16"


Absorbine Veterinary Linament - made with natural herbs and plant extracts for a safe and effective treatment for sore muscles
475 ml & 950 ml

McIntosh MSM Soothing Gel - cool, clear, odourless water based gel that quickly calms inflammation on the spot. Great for temporary relief of arthritic pain.
950 ml

Tuttles Elexer - for strains, swellings and muscle stiffness. Also can be used for a leg and body wash
473 ml

Mane & Tale Mineral Ice - cool, fast, temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Reduces muscle and joint pain from arthritis, injuries, sprains and bruises
454 g


Grooming Block - Slick N Easy Fiberglass grooming block removes loose hair, dust and dirt.

Shedding Blade Spring steel, fine-tooth blade removes loose hair and dirt.

Vetrolin Detangler This instant detangler and conditioner leaves manes and tails smooth and tangle-free with a healthy looking shine.

Items in a Good Grooming Kit
  1. Hoof Pick
  2. Dandy Brush for heavy duty or mud cleaning
  3. Body Brush for polishing
  4. Mane Comb
  5. Curry Comb
  6. Two Sponges – one of eye/muzzle area and one for dock area
  7. Clean Cloth
also could have a sweat scraper and a hoof pick with a brush


Oster Golden A5 Single Speed - is an all around clipper powerful, durable and ideal for frequent general purpose clipping

Oster Golden A5 Two Speed - normal speed for general grooming and precise clipping, hi speed is designed for fast body clipping

Oster Power Max Two Speed - powerful, lightweight, designed for exceptional cutting performance

Wahl Arco SE - cordless with 2 quick release battery packs. Blade has a built in adjustable button for .1 to 3 mm cutting length

Wahl Chromado - cord/cordless, 5 cutting lengths from #9 to #40

Wahl KM2 - great for both light and heavy duty jobs on all types of coats including horses, dogs, cats and barnyard animals

Wahl Pocket Pro - quiet, compact unit ideal for trimming face and ears, battery operated

Wahl Stable Pro - Wahl's most powerful rotary motor clipper. Cool running, extremely quiet and comes with adjustable 30-15-10 adjustable blade


Absorbine Show Clean - unique mane and tail whitener and stain remover
950 ml

Absorbine Show Sheen - #1 selling hair polish provides tangle free manes and tails and reduces static fly-aways, repels dust and dirt.
Spray 950 ml, refill 950 ml, refill 4L

Absorbine Show Sheen Detangler - professional strength gel leaves manes & tails tangle free, manageable and silky soft
237 ml

Absorbine Superpoo Shampoo - rich sudsing, deep cleaning equine shampoo
950 ml

Absorbine Supershine - gives your horses hooves a mirror like finish and dries in 60 seconds. Black or Clear
240 ml

Sante Fe Detangler - formulated with shine enhancers for a high gloss finish
236 ml

Sante Fe Highlighter - accentuates eyes, ear, muzzle and muscle areas, provides ultra gloss shine. Repels dirt and dust
118 ml

Sante Fe Shampoo - enriched with Vitamin E and removes surface build up, including residues of repellants and polishes

Cowboy Magic Conditioner - eliminates 100% of tangles and increases shine, removes water residue, build up of minerals and chemicals left in the hair
473 ml

Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine - a concentrated detangler and conditioner which will remove all types of knots, tangles, and dreadlocks
118 ml, 473 ml

Cowboy Magic Krudbuster - effective treatment for scratches, greasy heel, rain rot, winter rain scald and more
710 ml spray

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo - deep cleans and rinses out easily, can be diluted up to 20:1
473 ml

Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellow Out - neutralizes yellow stains and brightens hair of all colors
473 ml

Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine - is formulated to give hair a super shine, repels show ring dust and dries fast
946 ml

Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover - removes manure and urine spots and wet or dried sweat marks instantly
946 ml

EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Shampoo - fast acting, effective shampoo which helps with scalp conditions and skin irritations as well as restoring the hair
32 oz

EQyss Micro-Tek Spray - fast acting anti-microbial spray that minimizes skin problems on contact
946 ml

EQyss Equine Gel - anti-itch leave on gel, minimizes the appearance of scars, stops rainrot, scratches and girth itch
473 ml

Healthy HairCare Moisturizer - a therapeutic lanolin and oil enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin. Used daily it will help to control dandruff and dry skin. Concentrate
473 ml

Mane'n TailMane & Tail Conditioner - nourishes and conditions hair and skin to aid healthy hair growth leaving a lustrous silky look

Mane & Tail Shampoo - high lathering formula fortified with moisturizers and emollients

Mane & Tail Detangler & Shine - eliminates tangles while providing additional conditioning. Use wet or dry
473 ml & 946 ml

Mane & Tail Detangler Concentrate - neutralizes static electricity instantly. Contains no water or alcohol so will not dry out hair
355 ml

Mane & Tail Shine On - high glossy shine and healthy coat protection that repels dust and stains
473 ml & 946 ml

Mane & Tail Spray & Braid - provides the perfect "grooming grip" for ease of banding, braiding and training
473 ml

ShapleysShapleys Hi Gloss Finishing Spray - adds defined highlights to muscle and accentuates all colors
340 g

Shapleys Show Touch Up - color enhancing sprays designed to safely and effectively conceal stains, scars, blemishes and flaws. White or Black
284 g

Shapleys No. 1 Light Oil - adds a light shine to coat, enhances the face and adds conditioning oil to the skin
946 ml

Shapleys Equitone Shampoo - rejuvenates sun-damaged hair and adds dimension and highlights to dull, dried out coats, mane & tails. Colors, cleans and conditions all in one step. Black, Gold, Red, Whitening
473 ml

Shapleys MTG - quick and effective relief from a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems such as scratches, rain rot and dry skin. Conditions the skin and hair around the damaged area promoting healthy skin and maximum hair growth
178 ml & 946 ml

Exhibitor Labs Quic Silver Shampooo - creates silver and golden highlights and platinum white markings. Eliminates tough stains and removes scurf
473 ml

Vetrolin Green Spot Out - spray on, dryclean shampoo with tea tree oil removes urine and manure stains easily
473 ml

Farnam White & Brite Shampoo - brightens light colored coats and optical brighteners enhance highlights on dark colored coats
946 ml

World Champion Neat Neck - safe and easy way to reduce the size of your horses's neck
16 oz

World Champion Shine-on - brings out and enhances the color of your horses pigmentation on muzzle, eyes and ears. Natural or Dark
113 g

World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner - instant shine for the show ring
329 g

Healthy HairCare Silverado Shine - instant shine/highlighter for coats, manes and tails with both UV-A and UV-B protection
329 g

Farnam Laser Sheen Concentrate - hi tech silicone hair polish giving your horse instant highlights
355 ml

Farnam Wonder Blue Shampoo - contains aloe-vera which helps eliminate dry skin and dandruff
946 ml

Miracle Groom Spray - a patented 5-in-1 formula that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles and shines the coat all in one application
950 ml

Miracle Groom Touch-up Towelettes - a disposable wipe for any touch up, great even in winter.
Pkg of 12

Vapco Vet Wash - 3-in-1 medicated shampoo, penetrates deep to loosen dirt, sweat and grime. Contains aloe vera and biotin to calm irritated skin. Povidone-iodine is added to aid in surface control of bacterial and fungal infections.
473 ml

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