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Farrier suppliesWhether you maintain the feet of your own horses or have a farrier business, Double D Tack Shop has a variety of farrier supplies in stock at all times including brand names such as Diamond and Equine Forgings.

Look no further! We have shoes from pony to draft sizes, hoof pads and tools, such as rasps, nippers and knifes.

Hoof CAre ProductsWe also carry a selection of Mustad nails sized 4 to 8, hoof packing and hoof health products such as Tuff Stuff, Kopperkare and Thrushbuster.

Looking for horse boots? We have a big selection of Easy Boots

Great quality products for surprising low prices...just the way you are used to at Double D Tack!

New in the store


  • Safe and Easy to Use with one hand
  • Replacable Medium Finish and Medium Coarse
  • Designed for Rounding, Not Removing Hoof Wall
  • Soft Grip, No Slip Sides Protect Hands from Rasp
  • Innovative and Unique Tool Designed for the Horse Owner

Hoof grooming tool designed to give the utility of a conventional rasp in a ergonomic handle.
The versatility of the flat rasp design allows you to stand beside the horse while removing clinches to pull a sprung shoe, beveling sharp edges to stop chipping, removing flares and rounding the hoof, maintaining balance between professional trimming intervals.

Did You Know... to prevent those snowballs from forming on horse feet in the winter time?

Just spray the soles of the horses feet with Pam Cooking Spray.

...that there is no scientific evidence that white feet are weaker than dark feet?

Look for hooves that are smooth, have a nice shape, in proportion to the horses size and tough on the outside. The strength of your horses feet is influenced by several factors including genetics, environment and diet.

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