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  • feed for horses over 15 years of age or showing another indications of aging
  • low glycemic, multiparticle feed (contains pelleted and extruded components)
  • protein 14% and fat 6%
  • strong emphasis on immunity and overall health
  • contains beet pulp and extruded high fat supplement with flaxseed( Omega3 and 6s)
  • balanced amino acids with added methionine for muscle tone and joint function
  • contains organic copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and elevated Vitamin E with added pre and pro biotics

Feed for equine athletes and hard keepers

  • high caloric, low glycemic, multiparticle feed (contains pelleted and extruded components protein 12% and fat 12%
  • utilizes the latest research on the nutritional requirements for optimal performance and gut health while minimizing "tying-up"
  • contains beet pulp and extruded high fat supplement with flaxseed( Omega3 and 6s)
  • yeast culture and blend of vitamins and elevated amino acids
  • contains organic copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and elevated Vitamin E with added pre and pro biotics

Feed for equine athletes and racehorses
  • textured feed with beet pulp, yeast culture and elevated levels of vegetable oil
  • protein 13% and fat 8%
  • reduced starch and higher fat and fibre content
  • extruded high fat supplement with flaxseed( Omega3 and 6s)
  • elevated amino acids with added methionine for muscle tone and joint function
  • contains organic copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and elevated Vitamin E with added pre and pro biotics

Equilibrium Optimal
Feed for broodmares, growing, performance & leisure horses, ponies and minis
  • low calorie, low sugar/starch, nutrient dense pellet with elevated protein (amino acids), minerals and vitamins
  • protein 30% and fat 3%
  • contains up to 5 times the vitamin-mineral content of most feeds classified as a ration balancer.

Feed for inactive adult and performance horses, including pony and miniatures
  • low calorie, low sugar/starch, nutrient dense pellet with elevated minerals and vitamins
  • protein 12% and fat 4%
  • contains up to 5 times the vitamin-mineral content of most feeds classified as a ration balancer.

Equilibrium Ultra F

Feed for maintenance, exercising, breeding horse and yearlings
  • versatile feed low in sugar/starch (NSC - nonstructural carbohydrates)
  • protein 13% and fat 6%
  • pelleted complete feed designed to meet the needs of maintenance, exercising, breeding horses and yearlings
  • high pectin and hemicelluloses – contains NO oat hulls
  • contains 4% vegetable oil and yeast culture
  • elevated amino acids including methionine


Forage - either hay or pasture - is the most natural and preferred feed for horses providing the foundation for all equine diets. Although forage should make up the main part of the diet, and can meet your horse's energy requirements, forage alone will not meet all of their nutritional needs. Different types of forage provide different levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals that may not support your specific horse's needs.

Using the Gro 'n Win range of products, it is easy to tailor your horse's feeding program to meet the unique nutritional requirements for work and life stages. Ration balancers such as Gro 'n Win are designed to provide all of the vitamins and minerals your hay is lacking without providing nutrients your horse doesn't need. The amino and fatty acids in Gro 'n Win are scientifically proven to benefit your horse's overall health by providing essential building blocks for muscle development and aiding in immune response.

By utilizing a diet with low starch and sugar you can help prevent or regulate many nutrition-related disorders such as Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, Typing-Up, Cushing's Disease, EPSM, and HYPP. By decreasing the insulin spike in your horse's diet, you can also lessen hyperactivity creating a smoother, quieter performance in the ring or in the barn.

Gro 'n win Alfa

Gro 'n Win Alfa 11%
  • scientifically formulated for horses on legume forage.

Gro 'n Win

Gro 'n Win 32%
  • scientifically formulated for horses on grass or mixed forage.

Ultimate Finish
Ultimate Finish
  • 25% fat supplement used to increase calories without adding more grain
  • Blend of vegetable oils from flaxseed, soybeans and rice bran
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins so no dilution of the diet occurs
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Mixes easily with grains and will not sift out
  • Reduces the amount of grain needed (i.e. EPSM horses)
  • Use for hard keepers and horses that need to gain weight

Ultimate Finish
Ultimate Finish 100
  • unique 100% dry vegetable fat for today's active horses
  • dense source of calories for all horses used to increase the percentage of fat calories in the ration
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Ideal for mixing with grain mixes or pelleted feeds


Show, Training, Working, Lessons…

  • Cadence is perfect for the working horse that needs extra calories. It keeps your working horse in amazing condition while keeping him calm, cool, and collected. This feed brings out your horse's greatest potential.


Let's face it - horses can be finicky eaters, and that can cost even your finest athlete the energy he needs on the track. That's why BUCKEYE Nutrition created Unbeetable.

Rich with high-energy beet pulp and made with the highest quality molasses, Unbeetable will deliver the energy your horse needs, and not a scrap will be left in his feed tub!

Grass Plus Minerals
  • A mixture of minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Mineral levels and ratios are balanced to supplement horses that are eating grass or mixed hay and/or pasture
  • Added amino acids for improved muscle, hoof and hair condition


Alfalfa Plus Minerals
  • A mixture of minerals and vitamins for horses
  • Mineral levels and ratios are balanced to supplement horses eating alfalfa or clover hay and/or pasture
  • Minerals and vitamins are essential for optimum health maintenance

Harvest Salt
  • Formulated to provide copper, zinc, iodine, and selenium to complement today’s forages
  • Contains higher levels of trace minerals than other TM salt
  • Chelates and suflates are used to increase absorption of minerals

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NEW to Thunder Bay Feeds: Tribute Equine Nutrition

    All Tribute feeds offer
  • essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, to help maintain healthy skin, healthy haircoat and support normal tissue function
  • optimal balance of essential amino acids for muscle maintenance
  • essential organic minerals
  • optimum levels of antioxidants, Vitamins E, Vitamins C and Selenium which reduce damage to body tissues from aging and exercise and boost your horse’s immunity

Essential K
Suitable for all types and life stages of horses when fed as directed. Fortified with biotin for hoof heath. Low sugar and starch levels reduce negative effects on horse that are hyperactive or have metabolic conditions (insulin resistance, laminitis, ulcers, obesity or tying up issues).

Kalm Ultra
All pellet formula, therefore horses cannot sort the micronutrients. Formulated with extruded grains for improved digestion. Higher fat, highly digestible fibre and lower sugar and starch for calm performances without loss of energy or condition.

Tribute 14% Senior Textured
A complete pellet designed for mature horses No corn or molasses to keep the sugar and starch levels low. Higher fat, highly digestible fibre for top performances and sustained energy.

K Finish
A high-fat supplement for use in all horses. A 25% fat extruded blend of full-fat Soybeans, Flaxseed and Rice Bran. Excellent for hard keepers. Increased nutrient density to reduce the amount of grain fed.

16% Growth Textured
Complete feed for young growing horses & pregnant and lactating mares. No corn or molasses to keep the sugar and starch levels low. Formulated with steam-crimped grains. Designed with higher fats.

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McCauley's Mega Bran McCauley's MEGA BRAN
  • Elevated essential fatty acid supplement balanced with vitamins and minerals
  • 26% Fat - all from vegetable sources
  • Will improve body condition, hair coat & skin condition, dried scaly skin and hoof wall cracks

EquiGLO milled flaxseed - 10KG

EquiGLO milled flaxseed is a pure vegetable fat product that compliments forages by providing energy, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and vitamins. Typical Analysis Fat - 41% Total fibre - 27% Protein - 23% Moisture - 5% Ash - 4%

EquiGLO comes in a meal form that is very palatable and can be fed alone, or top-dressed on other feeds. Feeding Rates: Typical feeding rates of EquiGLO are 100 - 450 grams (1 to 1 lb) per horse daily, depending on the horses work load.

For your convenience, each bag of EquiGLO comes with a scoop that measures 100 grams (1 lb) of product when full. Specific Benefit: Non-starch energy for active horses, putting weight on hard-keepers, and improving coat quality.

Hoffman's Horse Minerals

Hoffman’s Horse Mineral is a complete vitamin-mineral supplement for all horses in meal form, formulated to supplement good-quality forage

Feed with: Good-quality grassy hay. Specific Benefit: A solid base of vitamins and minerals for all horses - used as the horse’s nutritional base. For low-activity animals Hoffmans Mineral fed with good-quality hay may be sufficient. For more active animals, supplement energy with EquiGLO or MoorGLO as required.

Highlights of This Product
  • Formulated with ZinPro® Complexed (Organic) Trace Minerals for better bioavailability.
  • Dust-free formulation has a positive affect on palatability.
  • Contains fermented yeast culture to enhance digestibility and improve hind gut function.
  • Formulated with Selplexâ selenium yeast to enhance selenium uptake.
  • Available in 25 kg bags or 8 kg pails with measuring scoop included.
  • When fed as directed, lessens the likelihood of vitamin/mineral deficiencies associated with stress, aging, environmental factors, and exercise levels.

SeaBlendSea blend

One Table Spoon A Day

The hair coat becomes more lustrous
Hooves grow faster

Increases fertility in brood mares
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces incidence of impaction
Improves skin condition

Minimizes nervous habits
Easier to handle
General health improvement

Such is the concentration of these micronutrients, that only a tablespoon per day(14 g ) is needed to provide superior health benefits, which become noticeable within 60 days of adding SeaBlend to the daily diet. The hair coat takes on a natural, show ring sheen, and texture. The feet are much better, due to the uptake of naturally occurring biotin. The range of B & E vitamins help to enhance disposition, making for easier handling, less nervousness. Fibre content improves feed conversion and lessens incidences of impaction.

SeaBlend for Horses 1.5kg (3 Lbs) - 3 Month Supply

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Helpful Tipz:

Weighing Your Horse without a Scale

Knowing your horse’s weight is important for such tasks as determining feeding rates, deworming, and dosage of other medications. Few people have access to a scale, and the typical heart girth weight tape can easily be off by up to 150 pounds or more. Here is a simple formula involving two measurements on the horse, taken in inches, which can be used to generate a very accurate weight predication.
(Heart girth x heart girth x body length) / 330 = Weight
The number 330 is a constant value that is used for mature horses. Should you be measuring a yearling, use the number 301 in place of the 330, and if you are measuring a weanling, use 280 as your constant value.

Body length will take two people to measure, and it is important to consider the disposition of the horse you are trying to measure so no one gets hurt. This measurement is taken from the point of the shoulder (run your hand down the angle of the shoulder and feel for the end of the scapula bone), straight along the horse’s side, and to the point of the buttock. The horse must be standing squarely for this measurement to be accurate.

Heart girth is taken in the same manner as the traditional weight tape, using the highest part of the withers and keeping the tape as close behind the elbow as possible. Measurements to compare an individual horse’s weight should be taken at the same time of the day, preferably prior to morning feeding and watering for the most accurate readings.

Horse Health Record

Find here a Horse Health Record in PDF that you can print, fill out and keep!

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