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March & April Features


What is a better way to celebrate the end of winter than ordering your new chicks? The hatcheries we work with offer some old favourites and some interesting specialty birds to mix up your flock.
We have the feed, feeders, waterers, heat lamps and experience to help you along in your new chick adventure. And you have something to look forward to!


Do you prefer to have birds that are ready to lay?
Order your ready-to-lay chickens now!
$9.95 per chicken for 25 birds or less
$9.55 per chicken for 26 birds or more
Phone: (807) 935 2921

When the deep-freeze stops, the smells set in. Yes, we welcome some of those spring smells but others we much rather get rid of right away. When it is time to shovel the chicken coop, drop by the store! We don't just sell the shovels but also all the other products you might like to use to give your coop a fresh start.

Deworming in the spring is a good habit and we have great selection of dewormers to help you start the season the best way possible: by keeping your horse healthy.

Oster clippers

These Oster clippers work great to get rid of some winter hair on your horse but dog owners love them too! We carry the blades and other accessories as well.

We often get some surprisingly warm days in early spring, and it may get warm enough to at least wash a dirty tail or two. We have you covered!

leather care products

Your saddle and bridle are probably desperate for some TLC after the long, cold and dry winter we had. Pick a day of warmer weather to clean off some dust and to condition your saddle, bridle or even your shoes and boots so you are ready for the spring rain!

Now we are talking about cleaning anyway: have you ever shopped for a decent cleaning bucket? Most you can find are made from cheap plastic and have thin handle that will separate from the bucket in the first week you use it. The buckets we carry for livestock are also available in smaller household size and are ideal for any type of cleaning job. If you look carefully, we actually carry a lot of items that will make your general cleaning a lot easier, whether you have a barn or not. These quality products are often suprisingly low in price as well.




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