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January & February Features

Winter blues

We are at the heart of winter, the holidays are over and cabin fever can strike any time. We realize we can only do so much to cheer you up, but here are some ideas for starters...

Bucket iceYes, of course we mean another type of ice bucket challenge than the one a few summers ago. But trying to juggle buckets, carrying them inside to thaw and disposing the icy content the next day isn't much fun. Be kind to yourself and your furry and feathery friends: get a plugin bucket and feel good knowing your animals have access to warmer water.
We sell water heated poultry founts and small buckets for chickens and ducks, heated water bowls for dogs and cats and several options for horses and other livestock. Find out more details

eggsAdd some vitamin B12 to your diet and enjoy some other health benefits of eggs. If you have your own laying birds, be prepared for lower egg production in winter, but treating your ladies well, may help their production levels! Make sure your birds are in a draft free environment, add some warm bedding such as Healthistraw or shavings for your ducks and add a heat lamp for the very cold nights and days to keep your birds happy. That will also keep their eggs warm and prevent cracking. Keeping your lights on for a certain amount of time should help egg production as well.
We know a thing or two about egg production, so please ask any questions you may have. Do you have older chickens? Start planning for your new flock soon. We will have ready-to-lay hens and chicks available again this spring.
Call us now to order Ready-to-lay chickens! $9.95 for 25 birds or less, $9.55 for 26 birds or more.

Eggs in winter
Winter ride

There is something magical about riding in the snow and it will certainly lift your spirit! We carry winter riding boots, gloves and breeches to keep you comfortable. Too much snow to ride? You can still train your horse on the driveway as long as there is secure footing. Winter can be the ideal time to do some 5-minute ground work when you are leading your horse from the barn. Be creative and take a look at some of our training aids for inspiration. Within a week or two you can see some real progress! Also, this can be the time to finally pick up a new bridle that matches your new saddle. There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself or your horse a bit this time of year.

petsHugging your pets will make you feel better! So now most yard work is done anyway, why not enjoy your purring cat on your lap or putting your cold feet under your sleeping dog? Taking your dog for a walk or run will make you feel better as well and will help your dog get sleepy, which will allow you to warm your toes afterwards. You get the idea.
No cat or dog? Consider adopting one from the pound or a rescue. We will gladly recommend a good diet and we even have some treats to make your new friend settle right in.

Bird watching We carry different kinds of feeders and a wide variety of bird seeds so you (and your cat!) can enjoy watching birds. Just keep your cat indoors of course, or hang the feeder in a safe place. No need for extra snacking.

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