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November & December Features

Here are 4 ways to not dread the winter any longer, or at least to make the whole season more comfortable:

Let's face it: getting cold outside makes you feel miserable. It doesn't help your patience, and that doesn't make your barnyard animals feel any better, either. Do yourself and your furry/feathered friends a favour and get some great winter boots and some good gloves or mittens to start with.


Yes, winter means more work, there is no way around that. But there are ways to keep the workload under control! Think plugin buckets and round bale feeders. Rubber feed pans don't crack. Simply jump on them to get even the thickest layer of ice out, after your ducks and geese took their bath. Do you have a challenging winter chore? Talk to us, we have lots of experience dealing with pets and livestock in winter and we like to help.

comfortable animals

Have you ever seen a goose say, "Thanks for the heat lamp?" Well, now you have. Some of your livestock will really appreciate some help staying warm. It may even help egg production and keep the eggs from freezing.
Winter may also be the time to think about other bedding options, a blanket for your horse as she is getting older, or a hay net which will help your livestock to be entertained while being in the barn on those super cold days. Knowing your animals are comfortable will make you feel better, too.


Yes, pamper yourself if nobody else does it...winter is long enough. Drop by to see what items we have for you to cheer you up in your own home. No need for extra stuff? Don't forget to get some bird seed and a feeder to help birds through the winter and to get some entertainment at the same time.

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